2016 September - Muc-Off

Everyone's A Winner!

Many of you will have a bottle of Muc-Off in your garage next to your mountain-bikes, but did you know they have products for all-sorts; cars, motorbike, electronics screen cleaner and even Athlete Performance products!  Well, Muc-Off have given two Athlete Performance bundles (worth £72 each) for the 1st Male and Female finishers, and further Amino Recovery Balm for the 2nd & 3rd Male and Female finishers - However, if you are interested in ordering any of the online products, for your bike, car, whatever (great gift idea) then an exclusive Stampede 20% discount code will be emailed out to everyone in the 'Final Notes' email on Monday. P.s. they have some great 'How to' videos if you want a really crazy night in!


Muc Off

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