2016 Sept - SPOT PRIZES from OceanPositive!

What if you could wear something that was good for the ocean?

OceanPositive by fourth element are offering their swimwear & hydroskin rash guards as SPOT PRIZES at the Studland Stampede!!!!!


The OceanPositive range is made using recycled ghost fishing nets reclaimed from the ocean.  It also gives UPF 50+ UV protection and has improved chlorine and salt resistance!

Check out their website www.oceanpositive.net And their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/oceanpositive.fourthelement

"Ghost” fishing nets, abandoned by fishing vessels after snagging on reefs and wrecks. These "Ghost Nets" continue to fish, often ensnaring marine life and posing a hazard to divers. The Ghost Fishing Project enlists teams of divers to remove these nets and bring them to the surface, where they are recycled. OceanPositive use the recycled nylon yarns to product the finest quality lycra to creat it's swimwear, designed by divers to be comfortable and practical - and help clean up our seas!!

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